Trading Breeding Cattle

Humanity has been domesticating cows for dairy production for 9000 years, extending the geographical location of animal husbandry throughout Europe and Asia. The industrial revolution significantly changed humanities relationship with animal husbandry, providing the incentive to progress the cultivation of dairy, beef and hybrid breeding purposes.
In the 20th century, several main breeds of cattle have become widely spread worldwide due to their economic efficiency in agricultural production systems.

Modern livestock systems have facilitated the selective breeding of certain breeds of cattle in an international and economically feasible context. The establishment of centralised information systems relying on  unprecedented cattle recognition systems together with genetic information systems permitted the modern breeding cattle industry.

The Scottish Ayrshire have been cultivating in Scandinavia for dairy production, whereas the dutch-Friesian was the breed of choice for Northeast and Western Europe, yet Simmental and Brown Swiss developed into the dairy breed for Central and Eastern Europe.

Currently, each country established a different set of rules, providing a different framework for the registry of breeds, which is either entrusted to the government or operating in the private sector.

For over 30 years, Altinstern has been a state-of-the-art marketplace for trading livestock. In detail, we serve as the broker between livestock breeders and buyers. The ever-changing complexity of the live animal market requires a platform that we enable our clients.
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